Tuesday, October 28, 2008

La Coquette's Breakfast Television Debut!

When my friend Andra from http://iloveweddings.blogspot.com/ contacted me about using some of my floral designs for her segment on BT tomorrow morning I jumped at the chance! She will be speaking about 5 things that brides can do to make their wedding unique and one of them is using silk flowers mixed with fresh for a vibrant and hardy bouquet.
I decided to do one modern and funky bouquet (featuring purple tulips, oxalis and dragon fern with red roses) and a more traditional and feminine bouquet (featuring fresh roses and alstromeria, and silk snowball flower, snowberries and pearls). I am so excited to see them on the small screen tomorrow morning!

A couple notes about why the mixture of silk and fresh is a recipe for success:

Using silk flowers is a fabulous way to incorporate flowers that:
- may be out of season at the time of your wedding
- are difficult to find or very expensive to buy fresh
- are vibrant and unique colours (made to match the rest of your wedding decor!)
- wilt easily in the sun or cold

La Coquette Floral Design works with fresh, silk or a combination of the two to produce artistic and unique floral arrangements for the modern bride. Mixing fresh flowers in with silks blends them into a beautiful fragrant bouquet and most will be surprised to find that silks are present in the bouquet.

La Coquette sources only the highest quality silks (most definitely not the ones you would see in Wal-Mart or the dollar store) and can help you in making the decision to go with silk, fresh or both for your big day. We also offer a silk buy-back system that can save you money! If you return the silk flowers after your wedding, we can offer a portion of your floral cost back to you. Please contact me at fleurscoquettes@gmail.com for more information.
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