Friday, July 18, 2008

Rustic, Wild, and Earthy Wedding Bouquet - all silk

Who knew that an all silk wedding bouquet could look so beautiful? I am consistently amazed by the quality and realistic look of modern silk flowers. This may be my favourite bouquet yet (I say that every time I make a new one - but really!). I love the huge English roses, the anemones, and the contrast of the dark purple tulips. And, I love love love using bendy branches to frame the bouquet. Once the bride approves, the stems will be wrapped and they will be ready to go, way in advance of the wedding! A fully silk bouquet is a great option for destination brides, or those with allergies. Guaranteed to look gorgeous all day - no wilting here! And this funky bouquet would make a great centrepiece on your dining room table after the wedding!

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Lisa from Blush said...

Hi Morgan,
this bouquet is beautiful!

Wanderluster said...

I just came across your new blog Morgan. Your work is simply beautiful!! I think you have found your calling :)